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Our Investment Strategy

Our Philosophy

Investment Goals

Once investment objectives are defined and agreed upon together, we will determine individual investment strategies, asset allocation, and the appropriate selection of asset classes.

We do not believe in forecasting the economy, interest rates, markets, or political developments. Instead, we believe in investing in quality companies that show strong financials, earnings stability, solid growth, and management with a sound vision of their market opportunities.

Risk Tolerance

We form an aggregate of investments in our accounts over time to achieve diversity, instead of an over-concentration of investments, and risk diversification at all times. It is our goal that the aggregate of our investments sets the tone for a solid performance in up markets and preservation of capital in down markets. It is all about time, not timing. 

Time Horizon

We rebalance our portfolios regularly and only when there is a visible major market shift to the downside. As such, we may alter asset allocation accordingly to preserve capital. However, most of the time we will remain invested and avoid making market bets.

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