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For You, With You

Virtual & In-Person Guidance

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Who We Are

We are an independent investment advisor and specialize in serving European and U.S. clients who either live in Europe or in the U.S. Before we started our partner-owned firm in May 1998, we worked for European financial institutions in Europe and the U.S., which gave us the experience to understand the cultural and structural differences between countries. We provide an overall service with a main focus on preserving and growing our clients’ assets over time; and a secondary focus on providing ancillary services to help our clients to find answers by bridging their geographical distance and language barriers. 

The Why

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients based on a commitment to your goals. As independent investment advisors serving U.S. and European clients, we provide comprehensive services with a primary focus on preserving and growing your assets over time. The ancillary services we provide also help our clients find answers by bridging geographical distances and language barriers, whether living in Europe or in the United States.

Our wealth management and investment strategies are based on our commitment to transparency—helping you realize the future you’ve always imagined.

We Believe in Long-Term Relationships

Many of our clients built their fortunes over time through successful entrepreneurship and dedication. We respect our clients for their great achievements and continue on their path with the same care by investing their assets for the long run with a focus on time and not timing. We form a partnership with our clients which has proven to be the main pillar of our success and our clients’ satisfaction.

What It’s Like to Work With Us

You always come first

As an independent, fiduciary, and fee-only firm, our interests are aligned with those of our clients. In our role as a fiduciary, we are obligated to avoid conflicts of interest and hidden costs. For example, we are not permitted to earn commissions through trading, or accept kickbacks for investment products that may not be suitable for our clients. We do not invest in mutual funds or structured products that have their own set of management fees (which we call hidden costs) for our clients. We charge in the form of a percentage of assets under management (AUM). When the assets of our clients grow, so does our nominal fee income. Our fee-based model is fair and in both our clients’ and our best interest.

Our process is transparent

Together with our clients we define their investment criteria, which are based on their commitments, income requirements, expectations, risk tolerance, and (most importantly) plans for their future. Once we sign off on the investment criteria, we design an aggregate of investments which suit these criteria. We rebalance and monitor the investments so that our clients can focus on their interests with peace of mind.

Our Services Are Comprehensive

We work with custodians of our clients’ choice. Fidelity is our main custodian as they offer multi-currency accounts. At Fidelity, accounts can be opened for residents of most Western European countries, including Germany. The custodians download account data daily into our portfolio management system, which allows us to provide customized and easy-to-understand reporting for our customers. Aside from financial advice and asset management services, we can offer guidance in a range of topics through our professional network.

What Clients Are Telling Us

We like the fact that you are reachable at any time, including on weekends. We like that you take all the time necessary to advise your clients until they make the right decisions. We like that you only invest in products that are transparent and can be explained. We like that your reporting is customized and easy to understand. We like that you always help find solutions to issues that are unrelated to your business.

Whom We Serve

We like to get to know our clients well enough so that we can best serve them. Before we decide to work together, we want to ensure that we share the same values and understanding in terms of approach, process, and philosophy as our success largely depends on it. If we find that we are not a good choice for our clients, we will recommend another firm that may be a better fit. We serve a select group of high-net-worth individuals and families from Europe and the U.S. who are looking for professional guidance in managing their financial affairs in order to:

Continue growing their wealth

Generate income

Protect their assets in down markets

Ensure they are making the right decisions in all aspects of their finances

We Serve:

Retired Corporate Executives

Business Owners

Family Offices

Clients who sold their businesses and need both advice on an investment strategy that supports their future and an experienced asset manager managing their assets.

Clients who are retired with savings in a company-sponsored retirement account such as a 401(k) which needs to be managed individually when retired.

Clients at a more mature age who want to downsize, adjust their estate planning, and need to redefine their investment strategy.

Clients who are widowed and need holistic guidance, in particular, when their deceased partners were solely responsible and left them unfamiliar with financial matters.

Clients who came into an inheritance which they need to preserve, grow, and support their living expenses.

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