Logo and logotype of Manhattan financial asset management firm Terra Nova LLC.


Main image illustrating the services and investment style of Manhattan financial asset management firm Terranova LLC. Photo: Chris Eason / CC-BY-2.0

Our clients can expect experience, expertise and continuity in a relationship that is based on mutual trust and understanding with services that are customized to their individual investment goals with a maximum of transparency and flexibility.

We manage separate portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, based on the risk and investment objectives of each individual client. A client’s account is held with a third party financial institution of the client’s choosing. We work with a number of U.S. financial institutions, and are well able to assist our clients with the choice of an appropriate custodian who can provide account safekeeping, record keeping and insurance protection.

We manage the following categories of accounts:

  • Regular investment accounts
  • IRA accounts
  • Pension accounts (401-k)
  • Trust Accounts
  • Foundation and Charitable accounts
  • Profit sharing accounts/Keogh

What is Terra Nova Asset Management’s Fee Structure?

We offer a competitive fee structure, the level of which will vary with the size of an account. Fees are calculated quarterly in arrears based on the value of the account and are typically deducted automatically from the account.

Through our alliances with well recognized U.S. firms, we can introduce our clients to first class service providers in legal, tax and real estate investment matters.