Logo and logotype of Manhattan financial asset management firm Terra Nova LLC.

About Us

Photo: Frank Winkler

Terra Nova Asset Management LLC was founded in 1998 as a partner owned, independent investment advisor, and is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission*.

Before we started Terra Nova Asset Management LLC in 1998, all partners worked for international financial institutions which served mass markets, often with, in our opinion, little concern for the individual interests of their clients. Therefore, it became our mission to emphasize the personal relationships with our clients, and deeply commit to making a sustainable difference in their financial lives by designing investment strategies which put their interests first.

Many of our clients’ fortunes have been built over time through successful entrepreneurship and dedication. Our interests are aligned with those of our clients. We seek to invest in companies for the long run and measure our success in growing our clients’ assets over time, and the trust our clients place in us. Our focus is on time, and not timing, and on long-term performance, rather than competing with short term market averages. We believe in long-term investing with an emphasis on quality, diversification and risk management.

We develop investment strategies based on a deep understanding of each client’s individual financial needs and goals. We believe that trusting relationships with our clients are the main pillar of investment success and client satisfaction. We enjoy working together with our clients, some for over 10 years, with the goals of growing their capital in strong markets, and preserving it in down markets.

*This registration does not imply any level of any skill or training.