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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can clients expect from Terra Nova Asset Management?

Our clients can expect experience, expertise and continuity in a relationship that is based on mutual trust and understanding with services that are customized to their individual investment goals.

First, we get to know our client, discuss and define his or her investment objectives and risk tolerance and then propose a client specific investment approach with the goal to match it with our client’s expectations. Once agreed upon, we define the investment objectives in writing to be signed by both sides and reviewed with the client yearly.

How to become a client of Terra Nova Asset Management

After defining a client’s investment goals and approach, both parties sign an investment advisory agreement. Then the client chooses a financial institution, a custodian bank. This custodian will then be informed that Terra Nova Asset Management LLC is authorized to make investment decisions for the account only, and deduct advisory fees quarterly in arrears from the account.


In addition to the custodian’s monthly statements, Terra Nova also provides detailed reports showing account holdings, transactions, as well as tax related documents.

Staying in Contact

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients abreast of the events that have may have an impact on wealth management and investment strategies.